Faith Nzilani

Admitted at Precious blood Kilungu

I was schooling at Nduu pri school. I sat for my KCPE in 2018 and managed to score 380 marks. I was admitted at Precious Girls sec school Kilungu but I was desperate because i had no school fees at all. Through the courtesy of MINA they organized a fund drive which was presided over by our Sen Mutula Kilonzo and I was able to cater for my preparations for joining form one. I want to thank our senator for he offered to pay for my 1st term school fees in full and it’s also through MINA that my plight were SOME OF PUPILS WHO HAVE BENEFITED FROM MINA aired and I got a full sponsorship courtesy of MINA Wefare Association and other stake holders Dr Cyrus and Madam Lilian. Thanks to MINA, our Hon Senator Mutula, Sub county director of education Mr, Kavisa, H/T Nduu primary school Mr. Mwatu and any other person who made a positive impact in my life. God bless


Everline Mbithe Maweu

adimmited at pangani girls

I set for my KCPE in 2017 at Mutongu Primary School and managed to score 406 marks. I was admitted to Pangani Girls but to my poor back ground my parents were unable to raise my school fees even the basic requirements for joining form one. Courtesy of MINA I was able to buy all the requirements and I was awarded a full scholar ship by Makueni county government to university level.Through MINA Education awarding and motivational program, it has brought a lot of competition in the cluster hence improving performance. I would like to thank the county Government of Makueni and MINA fraternity for their total support and God bless you all.


Christine Nzilani

adimmited at Inyokoni Sec School

Am currently in form 2 at Inyokoni Secondary. My back ground life was full of challenges and I went through hell after the demise of my Father. I was forced to drop from Secondary school due to lack of school fees and I was employed as a house help but I could not find peace in my heart. Through the help of MINA and madam Esther the Hon. Joshua Kimilu secured me a full scholarship from Kimilu Foundation. I can afford a now knowing that I can leave my dreams now. God bless MINA and Joshua Kimilu for the support and good work they are doing.


Esther Ndanu Mwende

Admitted at precious blood Kilungu

I went to Nduu primary school and managed to score 361 marks .I am a proud alumna of Precious Blood Secondary School-Kilungu after achieving a mean grade of B+ and currently I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science at The Technical University of Kenya .

Having been the second best pupil or rather the best girl during our year, MINA awarded me some amount of money which catered for part of my high school fees .

I would like to thank the MINA officials and it’s fraternity for having such a vision .May the Almighty guide them in all their endeavors. Together we can do marvelous.


Michelle Ndeto

admitted at pangani girls

I enrolled for my Primary Education Mutongu Pri Sch.I scored 425 marks in 2018 KCPE and joined Pangani girls.MINA is one wonderful organization and it really helped me financially in doing my shopping since I had a shortage of money and they stood in the gap. God bless MINA abundantly


Esther Ndolo

adimmited at precious blood kilungu

I enrolled for my primary education at Nthunguni Primary school. I sat for my KCPE in 2017 and I managed to score 370 marks. I was admitted for my O level at Precious Blood Kilungu and am doing well with my studies. MINA is one organization that has brought a lot of academic competition in Mutongu cluster through awarding of the best teachers and pupils.

I was a beneficiary of the program and it really helped me in settling my budget for form 1 requirements.

God bless MINA to continue with the same spirit of education support.

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