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We work to ensure all children get the support and care they need before they start school, and that they are able to read and write.

We also work to ensure that schools are places where all children are safe and happy. A child’s early years are crucial for building the foundations for a life of learning.

We work with communities to create safe and stimulating preschool environments, to keep children well-fed and healthy, and to take teaching materials into homes so the whole family can support a child’s education.

We work with national and local governments to improve access to education and develop programmes where children can improve their literacy and numeracy skills at an early age.


One of the strategic plans of Tusome Foundation is to intervene by financially supporting orphaned or children who are needy and vulnerable to acquire quality education. We aspire to Reach under-served and hard to reach communities using innovative and flexible approaches to deliver education. ·Develop alternative learning programmes for excluded communities combining basic education with practical skills and vocational training. ·Work with Rural poor to overcome the social and financial obstacles that prevent them from accessing education. Support the realization of government policy such as providing all children with early childhood education or supporting drop-outs to return to school. ·Address challenges in formal education especially increasing the number in transition from primary to secondary school and later to tertiary level.There are several cases of orphaned or children who are needy and need support to acquire quality education and your partnership with us in this noble course will go a long way to ensure that these persons realize their full potential.

Further the foundation Board of directors will Create social and community awareness on impacts of drugs, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. ·Nurture talents through sports and other social activities for all age groups..We will also involve members of the society to participate in environment conservation to ensure adorable and habitable enviroment

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