The leadership of the organization  started by ensuring that the target group is recruited as members and united.

In the year 2008,the organization made its first attempt towards support of Education under Leadership of Mr.Fredrick K Mwongela in partnership with the late Mr. Phanuel Nzioka who donated trophies and the first Academic awareness for Mutongu cluster was convened at Ikalyoni Primary School in August.2008. There after the association set forth an Education committee with a mandate to identify and oversee Education needs in the region. An Education fund was setup for this purpose and from the year 2014 the Association started mobilizing resources solely to support education with an aim of ensuring the best Education is offered to our children. The organizationwas able to revisit the idea of Education support in the year 2014 with a repeat academic awareness day held for a second time at Ikalyoni Primary school were 6 pupils who had 350 and above marks were recognized and awarded for their exemplary performance. It was during this event that a declaration was made that MINA in partnership with the leadership of Mutongu Cluster comprising of five primary schools, will be annually convening academic awareness and participate in awarding of the best pupils scoring 350marks and above in KCPE results for the preceding year as well as nurturing talents identified in areas such as sports, athletics, drama etc through recognition and motivation. During that particular year, the organization offered to clear School fees for one total orphaned needy student at Kisyulya secondary school and with God’s help more students will be supported in the future.            

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